Our fields yield the highest quality lavender and cultivated herbs varieties in Bulgaria. We have been investing in the creation of new fields in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture.

We are a young and ambitious team and our goals are set to achieve the highest standards. Our company is growing significantly and currently we are managing fields of about 70 ha with Lavender, Melissa, German Chamomile, Yarrow, St. John’s Wort and Angelica, yielding the highest quality of essential oils in Bulgaria.

Our fields are situated in Smyadovo County in the foothills of Stara Planina Mountain. Because our main target is to grow organically all of fields, we have continually invested in the creation of about 20 ha new fields each year in accordance with the principles of organic agriculture.

Our goal through this moderate and constant growth is to achieve optimization of our production capacity and controlled quality of the end products that will be compatible with and meet the needs and the high requirements of our clients.


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