• We rely on strong traditional experience, yet we constantly keep an eye and implement the latest tendencies in good cultivation practice and modern technologies in postharvest management and distillation.
  • The aromatic plants that we grow and essential oils that we produce are used in aromatherapy, F&F and pharmaceutical industries, hence the main reason for us to grow organic. We will always continue to make efforts for clean Nature and reasonable usage of Nature‚Äôs resources.
  • Being organic, our fields are never treated with any sort of pesticides or herbicides. Therefore we apply a lot of manual labor in our farming. Each season from March till November we employ at least 30 people, all local, for our field operations.
  • Ever since we started back in 2009, our primary goal has been to close the cycle from growing of the plant through distillation in our own facilities up to the end customer. This way we can ensure quality of the end product that would meet the requirements of international standards and the expectations of our clients.
  • As part of our continuous effort for higher quality of service, one team member from our logistics department is certified for International Transport of Dangerous Goods. Another member of our staff is certified for Internal Quality Systems Audit according to ISO 9001:2008
  • In 2010 we invested in a complete pellet production line. This helps us keep our field employees busy during winters, utilizing the agricultural and distilling residues, at the same timegiving our small contribution to CO2 emission savings.
  • We are making continuous monitoring, evaluation and quality control of all processes and levels in our work. Periodically we organize training and education for our staff, as well as the staffs of our subcontractors and partner-farmers in BEOG
  • Understanding very well our role and position in the F&F supply chain, we are focused on sustainable agriculture and development as well as ethical corporate behavior.

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