RKL - Essential oil company


RKL LTD is a private BULGARIAN company specializing in the production and international trade of essential oils since 2009.

The company’s strength is a team with many years of experience on the international level, specifically focusing on agriculture. We are a group of professional agriculturists who have hands-on experience in cultivating the world-renowned Bulgarian Lavender, as well as a number of cultivated herbs and aromatic plants – Melissa, Yarrow, Saint John’s Wort, Roman and German Chamomile among others.

Our step-by-step operation includes the cultivation of the plant, its harvesting, onto the steam distilling processes, to finally the end products and their packaging.
To make cultivation more effective and in order to achieve higher yields and top quality of the essential oils that we produce, we have invested in the most modern agricultural machinery such as specialized cultivators, fertilizing equipment, and harvesters. We also invest into our own team of qualified technicians in the specialized area of lavender and herbs cultivation.

We have our own distillery, situated in the near vicinity of our fields, where we ensure immediate processing of the freshly harvested herbs.
We offer products that are grown and produced by us or by our close subcontractors-partners on our own organic certified fields, steam-distilled in our own distillery.

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